Artur Baghdasaryan

AYR-DESIGN Ltd. was established in 2005 by Artur Baghdasaryan. Before establishment of this company Artur Baghdasaryan worked at the Armenian State Institute for Architectural Design (HayPetNakhagits) in 1982-1990, VEM Ltd. in 1990-1998 and A-3 ARCHITECTS Ltd. in 1998-2005 as an architect, chief architect and director.

Main staff of the company:
Artur Baghdasaryan, Director, Chief Architect
Gevorg Poghosyan, Chief Architect
Karine Gabrielyan, Chief Structural Engineer
Albert Hayrapetyan, Chief Structural Engineer
Architects: Vardges Grigoryan, Syuneh Sargsyan, Zohrab Bauer, Gagik Grigoryan
Structural Engineer: Ruben Postoyan
Engineers: Gurgen Postoyan, Hasmik Hovhannisyan, Silva Hakobyan

The company deals with architectural design and planning of residential buildings, public facilities.

Churches, industrial facilities, as well as with interior design. The company also does research and publishes articles and analysis on the issues of contemporary Armenian architecture.

a) Residential Houses
Residential houses in Tsaghkadzor in the vicinity of ADIGAS hotel-resort, 2006
Residential house in the town of Jrvezh of Kotayk Marz, 2008
Remodeling of a residential house in Kiev, Ukraine, 2008
Residential house in Yerevan Nor-Nork and Jrvezh area, plot No. N 33.34.4647, 2008
Summerhouse at Lake Sevan beach area, Gegharkunik Marz, 2008
Residential house in Yerevan Arabkir area, 27/17 Azatutyan Avenue, 2010
Residential house in Yerevan Vahagni area,  1 Hatis Street, 2013

b) Apartment Buildings
2 apartment buildings in Hyusisayin Charagayt (Northern Ray) area of Yerevan, 2000
Apartment building in Stepanakert, 10 Grigor Lusavorich Street, 2005
Apartment building in Yerevan at the cross-section of  P. Sevak and Ulnetsi Streets, 2006
Residential building (townhouse, 4 segments) in Yerevan Bagrevand area, 16 Bagrevand Street, 2007
Apartment building in Yerevan Arabkir area, 104 N. Zaryan Street, 2008
Apartment building (multifunctional) in Yerevan Kentron area, 9/1 Alek Manukyan Street, 2012
Apartment building in Yerevan Cascade area, 130/2 Verin Antarayain Street, 2012
Apartment building in Yerevan Nor Nork area, 3/6 Stepanyan Street, 2015

c) Public Facilities
Hotel in Kiev, Ukraine, 2006
Administrative building of  HayRusGazArd, 43 Tbilisyan Highway, Yerevan, 2006
Florence Restaurant in Yerevan Arabkir area, Hrazdan Gorge, 2011
Marriott Tsaghkadzor, remodeling and enhancement, 2007
Rehabilitation center with a shopping area for Ideal System in Vanadzor, 2010
Shopping facilities in Yerevan,  2005-2015

d) Urban and Regional Planning
Musaler residential compound in the town of Baghramyan of Armavir Marz, 2007
Hyusisayin Charagayt residential neighborhood with residential houses of average height, 2005
Sports City Gyumri, development plan, 2014
Ecotourism development center, Latsogh Ureniner resort  in Gyumri,  development plan, 2014

e) Church Rehabilitation and Design
The Church of the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God of Russian Orthodox Church in Yerevan Kanaker-Zeitun area, parish church and baptistery, 2006
Church in Musaler residential compound in the town of Baghramyan of Armavir Marz, 2007
Church in the town of Kasakh of Armavir Marz, 2011

f) Interior Desig
Interior design of apartments and public facilities
Florence Restaurant
Office facilities, Tumanyan Street, Yerevan
Interior design of the head-office of HayRusGazArd CJSC 

Some of the earlier works from 1983-2005 include:
Residential neighborhood Vanki Tap in Goris, 1983
Culture/Community Center in Baghramyan with a hall for 700 persons, 1983
Master plan for the reconstruction of the city of Jermuk and a residential neighborhood, 1987
School for 849 students in the city of Artik, 1989-1990
Master plan and reconstruction plan for Amasia and Ghukasyan
Planning and development of 7 and 8 Mikroshrjan areas in the city of Abovyan, 1991
Church in Masis
Hotel in Yerevan, Aviator residential neighborhood for 5000 residents, 1992-93
Reconstruction plan for Zvartnots Airport, cargo terminal in Zvartnots Airport, 1994
Architectural design of Ararat Sports Center in Tehran
Botanical Garden in Tabriz
American University of Armenia in Yerevan
Coca-Cola Bottlers Armenia, reconstruction and planning, 1996
Rehabilitation of the school of Mkhitarist Congregation in Yerevan
U.K. Embassy in Yerevan, 1997
Sketch design for U.S. Embassy in Yerevan
Retrofitting and rehabilitation of residential buildings in the Earthquake Zone, 1998
Office facilities for a radio station in Sevan, 1998
Residential house in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 2000
Schools for 150 and 250 students for rural Armenia, 2002
Residential houses and public facilities, 2003-2005